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                SUNTIME FURNISHING
                TEL: 0086 574 62671380
                FAX.:0086 574 62671316
                Contact person: Clark 
                E-mail: info@yonggan.com

                SUNTIME Furnishing is a professional manufacturer and exporter of antique, reproduction, and classical chinese furniture, old ancient and orient asian furnitures. (please view our website or catalogue for a sampling of our vast collection and capabilities) We are very well known the world over for our very high quality and some of the best price points in the industry.
                We specialize in collecting, refurbishing and reproducing antique furniture and 1000 of accessories from all over mainland China, Tibet, Korea and Mongolia. In addition, it is our pleasure to offer you prompt and friendly quotations for your custom orders and other items that you have seen before or are already buying elsewhere. Reproduction and development of this kind is a commonplace for us and we can provide this service with ease and convenience for you. . .      more>>


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